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Warung Wan

wa.rung [ˈwarʊŋ]  واروڠ — in Bahasa Melayu — a type of small family-owned business 

Hello, and welcome to the WUJ e-shop! If you enjoy the work that I do and would love to support me, please do consider purchasing some of the products that I have designed.

All proceeds greatly support the running of Wan's Ubin Journal — from the upkeeping of the site; to the visual posts and content on Instagram; and my humble dream in writing and publishing a book on my mom's life growing up on Pulau Ubin!

Thank you for your kind patronage, and your support is dearly appreciated. Thank you for helping me keep a part of our Ubin Orang Pulau history alive.

All prices displayed are in Singapore Dollars (SGD).

There is a domestic shipping fee of $4.30 via Qxpress (accurate as at 25 Jan 2023).

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