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Trees of the World 2022

I'd like to thank NParks for extending their invitation to me to be a part of the Trees of the World exhibition at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, by decorating one of our native tropical tree; the Suregada multiflora.

The theme is about showcasing the values of our community — therefore, I used a 24-yard batik streamer to symbolise the commonalities of the Ubin Orang Pulau community, as nearly every household would have these textile cloths used as curtains, pillow casings, tablecloths and of course, clothes; and I also created flowers using cockle shells to symbolise the blooming hope of Singapore's Orang Pulau communities in keeping their traditions and identities alive.

The Trees of the World 2022 will run until 2nd January 2023, and my tree — along with 200 others — will be lit up from 7 - 10 pm daily. So, if you happen to be along Zone B of the exhibit (closer to the National Orchid Gardens), why not keep a look out for the "Ubin Orang Pulau Tree", hehe.

On a festive note, I would also like to extend the heartiest of season's greetings; a very merry Christmas to all of my Christian friends and supporters and to all a very Happy New Year! May 2023 be filled with an abundance of happiness, health and hope!

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