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Celebrate Ubin Day 2023 with Wan!

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

UPDATE [03/06/2023 0830hrs]: Registration is now closed as maximum capacity has been reached. Thank you to all who have signed up, and I shall see you on Ubin Day!

🎉🛖Come celebrate Ubin Day 2023 with Wan as he brings you around the Malay kampung and share with you captivating stories of the Ubin Orang Pulau community, culture and heritage! Oh, and it's FREE (this one-time only) !

📅: Saturday, 24th June 2023

⏰: 10.45 a.m. - 1.45 p.m

📍: Pulau Ubin Assembly Area (Meeting Point 1)

🧠❤️🫂This year's Pesta Ubin theme is "Know, Love, Care", so come and know, love, and care for Singapore's last surviving kampung for her Orang Pulau community with Wan on a three-hour walking tour around Kampung Sungei Durian and Kampung Surau to uncover the reasons why Pulau Ubin remains a special place in the hearts of its once hundreds over indigenous inhabitants 🫶🏽

✍🏽 Sign up here!

🪧Oh, and also WUJ will be having a simple exhibition display at the Assembly Area from 9 a.m. onwards until the commencement of the tour, promptly after our host and guest-of-honour have completed their tour around the exhibition. So do feel free to drop by earlier to have a look look see see 👀

This FREE heritage tour is in celebration of Pesta Ubin 2023 and WUJ's 5th anniversary.

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